We sincerely regret that the Peace Fund Poker tournament had to be postponed until early 2018 and appreciate all of you who have supported us currently and those who have also done so in the past. The Peace Fund would have a hard time accomplishing so much without it.

Our current drive is to help the children affected by the recent hurricanes and we are deeply committed to helping these deserving children rebuild their lives. The need is so great, and the road to recovery will be long.

Currently, with a generous donation from our friends at Ulysses Press and our Peace Fund team’s donation, we are sending over 600 books to the non-profit Books Between Kids in Houston which will help children at six schools that were completely flooded and lost everything. We are also sending over 600 books to the Title I Migrant Education Program in Miami which serves over 1,300 migrant farm worker students and 800 families who were devastated by Hurricane Irma.

We have received an outpouring of support from generous artists in Hollywood who want to help and we want everyone to join in.   So, I ask you to help us share the Amazon registries for Books Between Kids and Title I Migrant Education Program in Miami through social media.  I am also passionate about supporting the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands where there is a dire need for humanitarian aid. Please donate directly to UNICEF’S relief efforts. You can find all the information on our initiatives page here.

The other key to helping these kids rebuild their lives is hope. Hope that someone cares. I have traveled the world on behalf of The Peace Fund over the last twenty years providing critical aid to children in need and have been forever changed by the inspiring kids I have met along the way. Help me spread the word about our hurricane relief campaign, or support us, by donating right on our site and help thousands of kids who are counting on us.

― Adrian Paul

Hero of the Week

Arifa Nasim

Arifa Nasim
Arifa Nasim

"In 2016, according to the Forced Marriage Unit, 41% of cases in the UK involved victims below the age of 18."

When Arifa Nasim was 14, reading Jasvinder Sanghera’s book, “Daughters of Shame,” had a profound impact on her. The collection of stories from those who suffered through forced marriages and honor-based violence motivated her to become a voice and an advocate for the victims of such abuse. After years of campaigning, fundraising and raising awareness about the prevention of honor-based abuse, she was selected as an official UK delegate to the Sustainable Development Goals Summit. It was there that Arifa realized educational movements at the grassroots level were the source for change on a larger scale.

She founded Educate2Eradicate, a non-profit organization committed to spreading knowledge to prevent the hundreds of thousands of individuals at risk from experiencing forced marriage, genital mutilation and honor-based abuse. Educate2Eradicate provides information and resources online, leads training for youth and educators, and organizes events to increase understanding on the dangers of honor-abuse and how to prevent and fight against violent practices. 

To date, Arifa has educated more than 5,000 individuals and plans to grow Educate2Eradicate into a holistic program, training larger organizations and offering counseling and legal advice to victims.  @educate2eradicate

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Mission Statement

The PEACE Fund works to protect, educate and aid children living in extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

The PEACE FundTM is a registered 501(c)(3) 'Not for Profit' Charity.