The PEACE Fund focuses on small, under-funded and hard-working charities that set out to make a positive difference to children living in very difficult circumstances. To receive funds and/or, partner with The Peace Fund on initiatives, organizations must be a verified 501c3, experienced enough to ensure funds will be wisely applied; be willing to send visual and written reports back to The PEACE Fund, showing how their partnership has helped to protect, educate or aid children in their area of expertise.

Historically, recipient charities of The PEACE Fund have reputations for integrity, a history of success with donated monies and a willingness to keep The PEACE Fund updated regarding how its donations are being expended.

The spread of activity ranges from housing street children in northern Romania, helping young children in the USA requiring transplants, assisting Cambodian teachers to rebuild a devastated society; aiding Tsunami orphans in Thailand and using innovative technology to teach illiterate girls in Pakistan.

All have benefited from funds generously donated by our very loyal supporters.