The 20 - 20 Initiative

The Year of Vision

Every week Peace Fund Radio brings stories of children who not only successfully do what seems impossible to others, but do so in the spirit of helping others and making the world a much better place.  One of those children is Yash Gupta.  Yash saw a need and continues to fill it.  He founded, Sight Learning, a nonprofit that collects and distributes used eyeglasses to students around the world who need them and makes sure that every child has an opportunity to receive a quality education.

Sight Learning realizes that " Vision is an essential part of learning, and without it, students are unfairly prevented from achieving their full potential." 

In the year of "20-20", The Peace Fund makes this one of their first initiatives for the year.   Please, give what you can on our GoFundMe charity page -  for better sight throughout the world.