Over $1,500 Raised for the 'PEACE FOR HAITI' Fundraising Effort

Published on January 12th, 2010

An American Van Gogh
An American Van Gogh

The PEACE Fund was thrilled when well known artist Stefan Duncan (dubbed "The American Van Gogh") donated an original Highlander themed painting to be auctioned by PEACE

The painting was a 30 by 40 acrylic painting entitled "Bonnie Portmore", after a song featured in the 'Highlander' TV series and several of the Highlander movies. In addition, the painting was signed on the back by both Adrian Paul and Stefan.

The PEACE Fund wishes to publicly acknowledge its gratitude to Stefan.

When Haiti was devastated by the earthquake in January the painting became the Fund’s showcase auction item and raised just over $1,500 towards The PEACE Fund’s Haiti Relief Effort.

As a high profile item it succeeded not only in its own right but in focusing attention on the Fund’s fundraising auction. Stefan Duncan is currently working on additional pieces for future fundraising events and on behalf of all of The PEACE fund's recipients.

I gave this painting because of Adrian and all those involved with Highlander, creating such a wonderful story that was inspiring with moral lessons.

I gave this painting for the children around the world, whose lives are so limited due to the lack of education. With the greatest of pride I gave this painting to Adrian to help in his noble cause with PEACE.

I plan to create other Highlander themed paintings in the future for PEACE.

I hope you give a lot for this painting because all of it is going for the children.

Stefan Duncan, 3 December 2009

Adrian and Stefan
Adrian and Stefan