West Athens Elementary School - PEACE Fund Contest

Published on February 27th, 2016

Our project is a video compilation of all the things we do in our classroom. Learning is not just hard work, it's fun. We explore our world around us in inquisitive ways. Our hands-on approach to learning really opens the students' world and gives them the motivation to always question. We have been working very hard on science topics such as balance, motion, gravity, and the solar system. Our projects included building a rollercoaster and making scales. Microsoft Surface devices would greatly benefit our classroom by giving us the tools to explore these topics further. We could take virtual field trips, skype with students in other states, we could go paperless and see things outside of our daily environment. My students come from a socioeconomically challenged community. Giving them tools to broaden their horizons would greatly level the playing field for their success in school and beyond.