Robert Hill Lane Elementary - PEACE Fund Contest

Published on February 27th, 2016

Our class project demonstrates the theme of New Year - New Opportunities. We want to show how our students are being introduced to technology at our school, but are limited due to outdated devises or lack of access because of demand for the tablets schoolwide. Our students are excited to use whatever technology we have to offer and are at an age where their abilities can match their enthusiasm for learning, but we realize the limitations of our current devices and feel that they are not adequate for our needs. For example, we use technology to help with the writing process and publishing of our work as well as educational based programs, but our students are ready for so much more. We would like utilize the Surface Computers for our students to present their knowledge in different ways such as PowerPoint and file sharing for peer collaborations. I have the opportunity to receive training in technology to enhance my curriculum and instruction. If we had daily use of computers with internet access, I could apply what I have learned immediately. The students could collaborate with each other, learn how to use tools for the devices, and practice project based learning. The students can also access their work at home through cloud based applications so parents are able to be involved and informed. We could be a model for other classrooms as they begin to make their instruction relevant for new standards and expectations. As our school moves toward teaching for 21st century learners, we need to be able to address the needs of our students and prepare them for their future.