Will's Horse Therapy Update

Published on July 11th, 2016

A note from Will's Mom,

"Thank you so much for your support. Will has been back at his therapy horseback riding for a couple of weeks and truly enjoying it. On his first day he rode on Hurdie, an Icelandic horse, a small, very beautiful gray horse. Will has only really ridden on smaller therapy horses. But the following week the therapist thought Will would benefit from riding a larger horse…so Will got to ride on Austin. Oh boy when he got up on that horse you could just see the pride he felt being on a BIG Horse…sitting up so tall and looking at me to make sure that I’m looking at him. The horseback riding has been so beneficial for Will, helping to strengthen his core and stretch his legs muscles, giving him better mobility and balance. But much more than that is that he’s finding joy in something that his own. Something that with all his limitations he can tell the horse to “walk on” by tapping on his mane and can make the horse “whoa” by pulling on the reigns, and the horse listens. And just like when his older brothers were playing sports and did something good and looked for me to make sure I was watching, Will looks at me and smiles and he tells Austin to “walk on”."

Thank you again.

Mary Nugent