The Peace Fund Helps Sponsor Another Haiti Orphan

Published on July 15th, 2014

The Peace Fund is helping sponsor young Martin Malbranche, a young man in Mercy & Sharing's Promise 126.

Mercy & Sharing has set a goal of having all 126 orphans at Mercy & Sharing Village fully sponsored. There are 126 orphans at Mercy & Sharing Village in Haiti.  ALL of these children were abandoned and left to die—almost half of them are disabled or have special needs. Mercy & Sharing has made a promise to care for and raise each of these 126 kids.

Mercy & Sharing Village at Williamson is a 17-acre tract of land owned by Mercy & Sharing and located approximately 30 miles northwest of Port-au-Prince. The campus includes three residential care buildings that can house 126 orphans. 

The Rehabilitation & Therapy Center enables disabled children and young adults from the orphanage to have the best physical, occupational and speech therapy available.  Mercy & Sharing cares for over 60 children with disabilities who need physical and occupational therapy. Previously, this therapy was conducted in a small room at the orphanage. Now, these disabled children will have the space they need to to learn to walk, play and carry out daily tasks.

Martin, age 13, is a mentally handicapped boy with a sweet spirit and a great smile. He was born on November 20, 1999 and arrived at Mercy & Sharing Village on August 24, 2008 when he was almost nine years old. When Martin arrived in 1999, he could not walk at all. Thanks to regular therapy sessions and the care and concern of his housemother, Judith Osias, Martin has learned to walk unassisted!

Despite his limitations, Martin goes to school and is in the first grade at Mercy & Sharing Learning Academy. While he is very old for first grade, we are proud of Martin for going to school!

Martin loves music and likes to play the guitar. In fact he pretends just about anything in his hands is a guitar! Martin smiles and sings while pretending to play, and then his best friend, Leo Paul, joins in and they pretend to have a band together! Martin loves to eat everything and his favorite meal is peas and rice with vegetables.