Peace Fund Aids Chernobyl Children In Need

Published on May 14th, 2011

25 years on the legacy of the Chernobyl disaster lives on and CCIN (Chernobyl Children In Need) works hard to try and help support nearly 400 children in Belarus, the area most affected by the fallout. Many of the children, probably the majority, are sickly because they have a weak immune system which is a common side effect of radiation. They get radiation through the ingestion of the food they eat, as, although the air is clean, the soil still remains contaminated.

A small part of CCIN's work is the provision of respite holidays to the UK, which have been shown to boost a child's immune system for up to 2 years. Whilst in the UK, CCIN arranges not only visits to opticians and dentists but also tries to arrange new experiences and The PEACE Fund was delighted to be able to assist.

For more information on CCIN, click here.