Kimberly Moore's Adopt a Light

Published on April 30th, 2016

Kimberly Moore and her Adopt a Country project manager Lory Oppenheimer visited the studio to talk to Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier about Kimberly's Adopt a Light initiative in Lory's home country of El Salvador on our December 23, 2015 episode of Peace Fund Radio, it didn't take long for our Heroes of the Week to mobilize.

Adrian announced on the show that the Peace Fund raffle proceeds donated by Heroes Katie, Sophia, Maddy, Grace, and Olivia from Garnet Valley Middle School would benefit Adopt A Light, providing funds to light 80 homes. For those kids who do not have access to electricity, inflatable solar lights from my Adopt A Light program help bring light.

Luci lights are small, easy to carry with LED lights powered by solar. Each Luci light needs about 8 hours of charge in the sun or ambient light and last up to 12 hours a day. Depending on usage, these lights can last 2-3 years if used 12 hours a day or up to 10 years if used only a couple hours a day. These lights are cost efficient and their brightest light retails at stores for $15 each.
For the first time, children will be able to study at home, or afford to go to school, parents can work night shifts, use the lights when fishing and all money saved can go to better nutrition, necessities and even medicine!

Inflatable Solar Luci Light
Inflatable Solar Luci Light

December 30 Heroes Maggie and Harper Cunningham from Books and a Blanket sent Kimberly and the kids more than 300 Kindergarten and Spanish books and 150 Disney toys, and December 16 Hero Christopher Cao and his Reboot for Youth crew connected with Kimberly to deliver 13 refurbished laptop computers!

In addition to the many books donated by The Peace Fund, these generous gifts have resulted in an educational center brimming with books and computers for children who previously had no access to education.