David Frey and The Peace Fund Partner to Help Brandon

Published on August 11th, 2014

The PEACE Fund recently became aware of Brandon’s story through our association with the Children's Organ Transplant Association (COTA). PEACE immediately wanted to help and selected Brandon to be our recipient of this year’s David Frey Memorial Golf Fund Raiser, scheduled for August 11, 2014 at Cherry Valley Country Club. Here is Brandon’s story…

Brandon was born 10/26/03 with Hypoplastie Left Heart Syndrome. He had his 1st surgery when he was 1 day old and his 2nd surgery a year later. Due to unfortunate neglect, Brandon never gained enough weight to complete the required 3rd surgery. At age 3 he was rushed to St Christopher’s Hospital because he could not breath anymore, and was given 3 months to live unless he received a heart transplant. However, due to his parents negligence in caring for Brandon, he was not put on the transplant list. When family members heard about this tragedy, Brandon’s cousin Danielle and her husband Dennis stepped up immediately and took responsibility for Brandon, spent every evening with him in the hospital and also filed for his Adoption. As a result, Brandon was transferred to A. I. DUPONT HOSPITAL, and finally received his heart transplant on 12/28/07. Two years later, the adoption was finalized, and Brandon also had a new family.

Recently in September of 2013 Brandon caught a virus and his heart went into full blown rejection for the 1st time. His heart conditioned worsened in November 2013 and he now needs to receive the aid of a Berlin Heart. Unfortunately on March 20th Brandon suffered a stroke due to a blood clot traveling to his brain. He had lost 1/3 of his brain function but seems to be making a remarkable recovery.

PEACE is counting on the wonderful and generous participants in this year’s David Frey Memorial to help Brandon receive the heart he so desperately needs and begin his road to recovery and live a long and healthy life.

Brandon with Baseball
Brandon with Baseball