Pounds4Peace was first launched in 2008 and was a successful way to inspire PEACE supporters to become more fit. Our members lost over 400 pounds in weight on our initial launch, raising thousands of dollars for children. So now we are pleased to announce the re launch, this time, on a larger scale.

We encourage everyone who wants to get fit, or just lose a few pounds to gain sponsorship from friends and family as an easy way to get healthy. Don't wait for tomorrow, you can start today, download the form at the bottom of the page and start canvassing your friends, family and colleagues, not only as way to feel better in yourself, but to help the many children we support, live a healthier more productive life.

Currently, we are also working with a number of gyms, along with fitness instructors, to bring the program to a much larger audience. So if you think your local gym or the fitness studio would be interested in partnering with us, please contact Camille Oakie at camille@thepeacefund.org who will be managing the Program. Camille is a certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle coach for 15 years and will be able to contact the gym to hand out further literature to explain the program.

So come and join us,have fun and raise some funds for our Peace Action Message projects.

"It is important to consult your physician before starting any weight loss or fitness program."


It is very true that from little acorns huge oak trees grow and so it is with ideas. From a simple email request on a YahooGroup asking for like minded people to band together to offer each other support in losing weight, we created Pounds for PEACE. As Adrian has always been well known for his own discipline and focus on health and well-being, this idea neatly tied in his “fitness” ethic with improving the health of his supporters and provided a focus for raising funds for PEACE.

And if, in the course of attaining that healthier lifestyle, someone lost weight, well that’s where the fundraising came in! For example: someone wanted to lose 30lbs. They agreed to donate a certian amount of money for every pound lost and, in addition, asked family, friends and colleagues to sponsor them. At the end of a set period of time (say three months) they checked what weight had been lost and gathered the funds to donate to The PEACE Fund.

The aim was to encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle and there was lots of help and advice available through the YahooGroup Pounds for PEACE. The group is again open, so if you wish to join the group, simply click on the logo at the bottom of this page. Of course, joining isn’t mandatory and lots of people may wish to achieve the same goals without participating in a group.

Adrian and Judes
Adrian and Judes

An update from Los Angeles

As part of the 'Highlander' Convention in Los Angeles Adrian had the opportunity to meet a number of those participating in the 'Pounds for PEACE' initiative and receive an update on how things were progressing.

Over the coming months we'll have more tips, help and advice. In addition, we'd love to feature some of YOUR stories, tips or advice. If you have anything you think might be suitable, please email us.

You can also join us on our Yahoo Group!

Some tips from Adrian to get you started

If you're reading this it means that you are considering losing a few pounds to not only help your waistline but to raise money for some of the children we support.

So you want to lose a few pounds? Well, to start with, I am not going to tell you what to eat and what not to eat. I think that we all know the things that are not good for us but, because we crave them, or have become used to them, we tend to eat them anyway.

So I am first going to give you some visual things for you to keep in the back of your mind the next time you have a meal or go shopping to buy food. Something I always try to remember is what a trainer friend of mine once told me, and I am sure you have heard before, "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT". Every time I go shopping, or I eat out, I look at the menu or the things I buy and imagine the type of food I am going to eat. Maybe it is something you might like to try to first train yourself into a simple way of seeing what foods can help you shed the pounds or put them on.

IMPORTANT: when I train for something, the most important thing for me is to really see what I’ve eaten and how many calories I burn in a day. You can never really know how you progress without charting how you eat. So we have provided a chart for you, similar to what I use.

Ideas - Eating habits

The way you eat will also determine how successful you are at losing those pounds.

The first thing I do every day is to drink a glass of water and take some vitamin C. (I take other vitamins but that choice is more for individuals.) Water helps you re- hydrate your body in the morning and gets it started so, by the time you eat breakfast 20 minutes later, your body is already running, helping you burn the calories quicker. Think of your body like a car, when you put the right fuel and oil into it, it will run well. If you don’t, it won’t work. Your body is much the same. Good food in the morning will make you less tired and more alert. I know a lot of people say, “I just have a coffee and piece of toast or a muffin”, but think about it. Your body is made of protein and water, all you have done is given it caffeine to get it going and a starch to add to the sludge at the bottom of the tank.

The way I try to eat and, I admit it doesn’t always work, but if you have a structure it is easier to live by, is Eat;


Important because it fuels you for the day i.e.: One whole wheat pancake with banana and maple syrup. Porridge with honey and fruits.


You should be in your stride by lunchtime so you can have a fully rounded meat and vegetable meal to fuel the rest of your day.


Later, you are getting slower and less energetic so your body is using less fuel, so give it less.

And SNACKS....

Now think of a train. When you eat, your body produces enzymes to break down the food. If you feed it only twice or three times a day, it shuts down between meals and has to start up again producing those enzymes. The train takes time to get out of the station. If, however, you are snacking in between meals, your body is already in production and, therefore, will burn the calories more efficiently.

Ideas - Types of food

Now you can choose how quickly you want to lose weight but, either going hardcore and trying to change your entire diet (harder to do) or follow a couple of things I have listed below.

Eat more vegetables, not ones that have been overcooked but also raw veggies. If they are tasteless then add some herbs, or Olive oil and vinegar, or what I sometimes do is mix lemon and half a teaspoon of honey then pour it over steamed vegetables.

Cut out breads, doughy stuff, and pastas the first week or at least halve what you normally consume. Try not to eat any carbohydrate after 6pm.

Substitute chocolate and sweet things for fruit with yogurt. There are also a lot of snacks that can be healthy but make sure to look at the sugar content. Fruit is VERY important because, not only will it cut down your sugar intake, but it is important for a better immune system, digestive system etc. Make a fruit salad and keep it in your fridge for a couple of days. That said, eating fruit on its own in the morning will not sustain you. It burns through your system very quickly and you will be hungry within the hour.

When you get a sweet craving, eat a fruit salad instead. You could include.

Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew Melon, Guava, Papaya, Apples, Oranges, Bananas (though these brown when refrigerated), Strawberries, Raspberries or Blueberries

Cut down or cut out fried foods. Grilled or baked is just as good.

Cut down foods with lots of sauces that probably contain a lot of salt in them.

Cut down or cut out more things you cut down on in WEEK 1 and 2.

Ideas - Snacks

You should snack often on good things between meals. In the morning, put a plate of snacks in your fridge that you have made or put them in a container and take them to work with you.

1. Peanut butter is something that can be eaten on almost anything. This is because it has a flavor that goes well with both sweet and salty things. So either get chunky or smooth, natural peanut butter with no salt (for instance from Whole Foods) and add it to items such as:

2 A tin of Tuna (in water) mixed with Olive Oil, a little Balsamic Vinegar, a little pepper and any other spices you want. Put in the fridge or take it with you to add to salt free crackers, celery, carrots etc. If you want to add a little taste at first then use low fat Mayo but try alternating between the two so that you don't have too much mayo as it is not really that good for you.


In this day and age of computers, we have stopped moving more than we ever did, so getting some sort of exercise is not only important for weight loss but also for our health. Joints, bones and your entire body will work better with some form of exercise.

Okay, we all know everyone talks about going to the gym but not everyone has the time. So if you don't, then go for a walk or run around your neighborhood. Stretch those muscles that may sit around for a long period of the day. If you don’t move, you will eat more than you burn and you know what happens then. You put on weight. A walk in a park or hike along a beach will not only be healthy but also make you see things you may have missed that have always been in front of you. Gradually does it here though, don’t over do it at the beginning because you will either get bored quickly or be in a lot of pain. You will find you will get stronger in time and burn off more as your body adjusts to the exercise.


I hope you have fun on this quest of yours and hope to hear about your results in a few months.