The Relief Fund for Romania

The Relief Fund for Romania guides the family and its volunteers through every step including: organizing and training the campaign committee, planning successful events and activities, working with the media and finding multiple sources of funding.

The Fund has assisted more than 850 families with fundraising to meet transplant-related expenses (things not covered by insurance) from almost every state and every economic situation.

As Ceaucescu's disastrous regime collapsed, Ratiu set up a charity to aid the terrible plight of the children and adults in the orphanages and psychiatric hospitals. The Relief Fund for Romania was the major focal point of the UK's generous aid response.

"...Our teams work daily on the streets together with the local Department of Child Protection in an outreach programme. It identifies homeless children very early in their life on the street before they succumb to the inevitable risks of substance abuse and criminality. We offer food, friendship and support to each street child before they are admitted to our refuge. We also provide 'drop-in' day care facilities for children who do not wish to be admitted so that they still have access to medical care, showers, food and support services...."

The PEACE Fund is very proud to be associated with the Relief Fund for Romania and its ongoing work to aid and assist children in need.

Why did The PEACE Fund choose a Romanian charity?

Studies by UNICEF, Ministry of Labour Romania, and the Bureau of International Labour Affairs, May 2004, estimated the following:

Adrian was able to see the situation first-hand while filming Highlander: EndGame in 1999 and has, since that time, awaited an opportunity to do something tangible to help make a difference in the lives of at least some of these children. That time has arrived.

Fundatia de Sprijin Comunitar

Fundatia de Sprijin Comunitar's mission is to support disadvantaged groups in Romania through medical, social and educational projects and to increase public awareness to their plight.

FSC came into being when in In 1991, Relief Fund for Romania (RFFR), a British charity organization, came to Bacau to give direct support to families affected by the Siret river floods.