The Krabi Relief Fund

The Krabi Relief Fund has been in operation for ten years in the Krabi province of Thailand. It is the only government-approved charitable organization for that area helping the underprivileged children of Krabi province. Since the disaster on 26 December 2004, the Foundation has had a large task facing it. There are over 100 children from the province who lost one or both of their parents - 50-60 or them from Phi Phi Island alone. This means that they have little or no means of support.

The Phi Phi Elementary School after the tsunami
The Phi Phi Elementary School after the tsunami

The Foundation's first task has been to work closely with the Phi Phi Island elementary school. That school, with a student population of 180, was destroyed, although, fortunately, the wave hit on a Sunday, when the school was closed. Together with the help of volunteers, the Foundation has begun sponsoring a weekly Phi Phi Island school reunion for family and friends. The response has been overwhelming, and the children have enjoyed the music, activities and games organized by the Helping Hands Group.

As part of this continuing work, The Krabi Relief Fund has organized the program to provide scholarship monies to children who lost parents, family and means of support in the Tsunami. This sponsorship will provide tuition, room and board, and funds for basic necessities for one of the 100+ children between the ages of 4-16 who have been registered for this program.