Tameer-e-Millat was a vision, a dream and a passion, long before it became an organization utterly devoted to the cause of Education.

It is the brain-child of a few expatriate Pakistanis, who after having served at highest professional level in United States, returned home with a commitment to spread knowledge in their motherland.

It was the truth of their promise and depth of their patriotic feelings that Tameer-e-Millat emerged as a non-discriminatory, non-partisan, and non-profit education-driven organization in 1987.

UNESCO defines a "literate person" as the one who can read and write a short simple statement on his/her everyday life. Literacy is the means to acquire logic of BEING, sense of AWARENESS and understanding of RESPONSIBILITIES. In the long run, it serves as a gateway to EDUCATION, a concept that encompasses knowledge, skill, professional enrichment and intellectual veracity.

The aim of Tameer-e-Millat therefore is to improve literacy rate in the country and pave way for education, whereby accomplishing socio-economic, cultural, ethical and cerebral reinforcement.The objectives of

Tameer-e-Millat are to: